I have one idea on how to fix Formula 1. If we want racing to be more fair, we should have the same cars for every driver.

So, the idea is that drivers’ points will be counted as they are now, with a certain amount of points awarded for each race and position. However, the constructor championship will not be calculated as the sum of drivers’ points in the same team.

There will be a central database of all car parts, and every team can conduct research and develop each part. Once a part is released, it has to be uploaded to this central database where every other team can see the detailed specifications and replicate the part based on those specifications. The team that develops the most useful parts, as determined by other teams, will earn the most points.

Additionally, a team with limited funds could build a car capable of winning the driver championship by essentially copying everything from the best team, leaving the outcome to the drivers’ skills. However, this team with limited funds wouldn’t be able to win the constructor championship because they wouldn’t be developing any parts, merely copying from other teams. This system would create more equality among drivers (and also eliminate the need for the best drivers to win the constructor championship), making the constructor championship primarily about the engineers.

I understand that there are many gaps, conditions, and details that would need to be addressed, but I believe the idea is quite good and worth considering.